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Babi Boxi Bags

Babi Boxi Bags

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The Babi Boxy Crossbody is perfect for attending an event with a clear bag policy. The measurements fall under the allowable size listed for most events. Please check with your event location for specifics.

This bag can be used as a cross body or purse.

Pattern: Could I be any clearer? Stadium bag by Sincerely, Jen Patterns.

Final Size 7"h x 6"w x 2.5"D
Dimensions are approximate because each bag is handmade and might differ slightly from bag to bag!

Cleaning Recommendations: wipe clean with damp cloth as needed.

My items are hand-made by me. As with any handmade craft, each item will be slightly different from any other, even if it's the same design! So everything made by me is truly unique! Also with handmade items, there may be slight imperfections that in no way affect the quality and use of your item.

** Please note: **
** This item may will require some re-shaping upon arrival! **

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